A Travellers Guide to Dubai Mall

If you are a shopping enthusiast, there is no chance that you have not heard of the Dubai Mall. Just in case you are not familiar with the name, it is one of the topmost shopping destinations in the world, featuring brands that sell everything from electronics, clothing to jewellery and furnishings. Without any doubt, you can say that there is no brand in the world that one can not find in the Dubai Mall. The versatility of brands is exceptional and people coming from any financial background can get one thing or another from the many shops in the mall.

The good news is that this is not all. Apart from numerous shopping opportunities, people can also eat in plenty of restaurants located inside the mall. Other than that, there are also game areas to provide entertainment to the visitors. If you are planning to stay in Villanova La Rosa or nearby resorts, you can reach the Dubai Mall in about 16 to 20 minutes.

Here is a complete guide about what one can do in the striking Dubai Mall.

Basic Information about Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is located right next to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. The main area is called Downtown Dubai. The best thing about the location of Dubai Mall is that one can easily go sightseeing and shopping in a single day. The great architects of Dubai have also built a glass-tunnel bridge that supports a traveller called the MetroLink Bridge. It combines the Burj and the mall together, offering the visitors panoramic views of the magnificent city.

Moreover, the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa have their own station on the Dubai Metro, called the Burj Khalifa/The Dubai Mall Station. There are a number of city buses that also stop at the mall. Additionally, the mall features a three, free multi-storey car park. However, it tends to get full soon after 4 pm.

The Dubai Mall is open 10 am-12 am every day. You can use the free wifi throughout your visit to the mall. Another interesting thing about this amazing shopping attraction is an airport check-in service and luggage concierge. That allows you to go straight to the airport once you are finished shopping without going through the hassle of catching a flight.

Shopping at the Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is home to a staggering 1,200 stores. By area, it is the second-largest shopping mall. As it is a huge shopping centre, it is crucial that you plan your shopping spree smartly and according to the time you have at your hand. In the Dubai Mall, you can find every International luxury brand including Chanel, Tiffany & Co, LV, Gucci, and Armani. One of the major department’s stores includes Galeries Lafayette, Debenhams, and Bloomingdales.

There are also many stores in The Dubai Mall that you can not find anywhere else in the world. These include Arabic clothing brand Abdulla Hussain Khunji, Heritage Carpet that is a high-end rug store, and Jashanmal Home Department Store, which is a major department store in the UAE.

Other Activities at The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is not only about shopping. There are other means of entertainment that you can enjoy here. These include:

–      Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is one of the most famous attractions in this city full of wonders. It splashes and sings every afternoon for light and sound performance. If you want to feel in awe and you happen to be around the Dubai Mall, get a ticket for the fountain show.

–      Dubai Ice Rink

Dubai Ice rink is an Olympic-sized platform that is the largest in the city, offering reasonable public skating sessions, snowfall sessions, and freestyle periods where winter lovers can have a good time year-round. The public ice rink is open 10 am – 12 am every day.

–      VR Park

The people who are looking for an exciting virtual reality experience, this virtual-reality park is the best spot. You can enjoy robot and zombie games, virtual mazes, bumper cars, and four-wheel drive dune-driving. The park is open during the mall timings.

The bottom line is if you are planning to visit Dubai or you live nearby in areas like

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