Spectre is the latest sequel of the James Bond franchise. A cryptic message from the past sends James Bond on a trail to uncover a sinister organization; the organization responsible for the death of people close to Bond including the former M. James Bond uncovers the layers of deceit to reveal the truth behind Spectre while M fends off political forces to keep the secret service alive.

Spectre is the typical James Bond movie from how it is made with great visuals, production design and music. The movie opens with a scene in Mexico City during the Day of the Dead celebration; great action scenes and production design and after this comes the opening credits with the theme song which is very James Bond movie. After this the movie went downhill.

There is really nothing new to this latest of the franchise. If you have seen the other movies of the franchise you have seen this latest with its stylish production design, action scenes, a group of villains headed by a super villain and beautiful Bond women in supporting roles. This is your standard Bond movie.

You may like this if you are a diehard James Bond fan, not if you are a movie aficionado. It is the same and predictable as the previous movies of the franchise.

It stars Daniel Craig as James Bond, Ben Whishaw as Q, Ralph Feinnes as M, Christoph Waltz (as usual the villain) as Franz Overhauser, Judi Dench on a cameo role as the former M, and Lea Seydoux as Madeleine Swann; directed by Sam Mendez and co-written by Ian Fleming.

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