USB Key Rings – A Cool Business Gift Item

There is no better way to carry around a USB drive than in a key ring. It’s handy, will make sure that you keep your important office files and folders along with you at all times and will also give you the power of accessibility. USB key rings are a fairly new idea but more and more companies have taken to it and use it as a personalised gift to endorse their business and products. A USB flash drive reminds us of computers, the internet as well as IT and telecom industries.If you have a similar kind of business and want to improve your brand value, USB key rings are what you should be using for gifts to your clients.

The Question of Price

There has been a steep fall in the prices of small custom keychains computer peripherals as well as accessories. A USB drive that used to cost around £10 to £50, costs nothing more that £5 to £25 (the prices vary according to the storage space a drive may offer). Nevertheless, you can get a decent USB drive with a space of around 1 Giga bite (which is pretty decent!!) in less than £5. Remember, since you are going to use them for business purposes, you will need to place bulk orders. Bulk orders means you are sure to get these USB key rings at great deals.

Art of Gifting in Your Business

A telecom, IT or any other big and small business related to computing requires gifting at various occasions as part of building a long term customer-company relation. USB key rings USB are a great way to endorse your business. There is no rule to using a drive with a moderate storage space. Get good quality designer USB flash drives that double up as key rings to strengthen your ties with your clients and make them feel valued.


The variety is large but limited. You will find similar types of designs on most websites with a few originals here and there. The best way, however to get the kind of USB keyrings you want is to buy plain metal keyrings of different colours and get your company name and logo imprinted on it. Alternatively, you can also buy great quality foldable plastic keyrings.